Alwan is a lifestyle brand born out of a young woman's personal advocacy and her mother's love for aromatherapy. Having a background in Psychology (Bachelor's degree and a Psychometrician license), mental health awareness has always been at her core. Subjection to the daily stress, societal pressure and conformity, family responsibilities, and her own struggles and issues, use of aromatherapy is one of the things that helped her become more present and mindful of what is true and noble. 
Alwan's vision is to have cultivated an empowered, hustling woman who know how to live the slow life, in each lady of our generation. Our mission is to make this possible one drop at a time, through our love for essential oils. We believe that getting closer back to nature heals us from a myriad of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical problems. We aim to make nature's healing power easily accessible to everyone through a more sensible price at the highest quality possible.
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