5 Young Pinays Share How They Stay Sane 7 Months into Quarantine

With the pandemic, days blend into nights and nights blend into days. Everything seems to fall into monotony and if we are not mindful of how we spend our time, we could aggravate our already compromised mental health.
It's World Mental Health Day this coming saturday. In observation of this, here's what five Millenial Pinays do to take care of their mental and emotional well-being this quarantine.

Jho, Physical Therapist, on Meditating

Watch Jho detail her mental health care routine and new found practice HERE. 
"Just a disclaimer, for people suffering from any form of mental illness, especially during this pandemic, there's no better way to deal with it than to seek professional help. It's important that you receive proper clinical advice. I, myself consulted a psychiatrist and is now under medication that will run for 3 months. So far so good!
Meanwhile, I've decided to improve my lifestyle. I started meditating and practicing grounding techniques, which are helpful in keeping my anxiety attacks at bay. My favorite essential oil blends from AlwanGood Night and Grounding help a lot during my breathing exercises. Such practices allowed me to be more present and to get back to my senses every time I'm caught up in the whirlpool of my own thoughts. Setting the intention, mood and environment where I get to focus on my sense of hearing, smell and touch rids me of negative energy and somehow relaxes my mind."
Here are a number of clinics that offer online therapy as recommended by a school psychologist: Psychconsult Inc, GrayMatters Psychological and Consultancy Inc, and Childfam Possibilities Psychosocial Services

Isha, MBA student, on Staying Active

"It is my active lifestyle that was truly challenged. Prior to the pandemic, I regularly go to the gym and do fun runs. All of a sudden, we are forced to stay at home. Of course, we can't let that ruin our physical and mental health. Our current situation actually gives us more reason to take care of our mind and bodies. I invested in gym equipment and created a home workout schedule to make sure I stay on track. I keep an eye on my food and supplements intake. I started helping out some of my friends with their fitness journey as well. Seeing their progress makes me happy. I guess that's how I stay sane during these trying times, by taking good care of myself and reaching out to others, helping them in my own little way."

Gianne, Banker, on Creating

"Having earned a license as a psychometrician and a degree in Psychology back then, I've learned to become more aware of when my mental health is going downhill. As for someone who gets easily drained from routinary work, I make sure to set time outside my day job to create. I live for moments when I craft, write, read, doodle, do calligraphy etc. No, I'm never great at any of it. One thing is for sure though, I feel happiest at the things I know are products of my hands and mind. It's therapeutic! Currently, I spend most of my time running a small business founded on my mom's love for aromatherapy and my advocacy for mental health. With this new venture, I get to craft products, write content, take pictures, manage social media accounts, improve processes and a whole lot more whilst building a community of hustling, empowered women who know how to live the slow life.
Build. Create. Begin with the limited resources you have and get creative. Bring novelty to your everyday life. You don't have to be artists nor have the background and exposure. What's important is whatever you decide to make, it makes you feel alive. I believe that's one way you protect your sanity."

Nicole, US Recruiter, on Giving Out Support

"My friend and I always have these moments when we share our thoughts about society issues and geek out for hours. Each time, I end up asking myself, how can I be of help to other people? That's when I recognize how connecting and engaging with people is a core part of my being. I have come to realize that contributing to something greater than myself helps me get through this whole thing. 
Originally, I dedicated my Instagram account for travel vlogs and documentation. Now, I've decided to use it for personal advocacy and to support both local and international small businesses. Why? As an entrepreneur myself, I understand both the struggles and wins that come with creating something from scratch and starting your own business especially today. It led me to join different communities that help support businesses and promote brands that advocate for sustainable materials, eco-friendly and cruelty-free products, beauty with no standards, women and men empowerment. I must say that this pandemic became an eye opener for us to be prepared and to be there to empower and support one another."

Ana, Computer Engineer, on Taking Breaks

"This pandemic has made me anxious more than ever. Being away from my family and with the kind of job that I have, I'm more inclined to check my social media accounts. All the fake news and people throwing off hateful comments on social media took their toll on me. I decided to take a break from it.
Not only that, I started incorporating regular breaks on my daily routine. I wake up earlier than usual to make sure that I have enough buffer time to switch from the home life to the WFH life. Through that, I get to enjoy my breakfast, clear away clutter and write down my to-do's before I proceed to work. Throughout my shift, I set the intention to get up from my desk every now and then and do something else like pet my cats, take pictures or read manga. My ultimate rest comes at the end of each day, when I stay in touch with my faraway loved ones and friends. I constantly talk to them to at least feel some form of connectedness even under quarantine."  
Let us know tribe how you're adjusting to the new normal! Comment them below.
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