3 Reasons I Don't Support MLM/Networking Essential Oil Brands

Prior to releasing our own line of pure essential oils, I was on a quest for the brand that will be used as main ingredients for our first baby, the roller blends. Unsurprisingly, the popular MLM essential oil companies first entered the scene. They are everywhere! For the benefit of those people who might not know, MLM or Multi-level Marketing, also known as pyramid selling or network marketing is a strategy used by direct selling companies to encourage members or distributors to recruit so they gain percentage of their recruits' sales. When looking for a product, my default mindset is, the more expensive the product is and the more popular the brand is, the higher the quality and I'll be lying if I say I didn't check them out. Fortunately, I went after my gut feeling, learned from my experiences and ended up with another well-known brand that is not MLM, Plant Therapy. Just a disclaimer, I'm not connected with them.

We are one with nature and nature has its ways of healing its people holistically and one of these is through essential oils. It's only right then that these therapeutic plant extracts be easily accessible to people, available in every home without them or anyone having to be exploited in the process and that leads me to the reasons I personally don't support MLM essential oil brands, or just MLM in general.

1. The Millionaire Success Story

This has been proven many times over in studies and reports that 99% of those who join MLM companies lose money and that the statistical probability of getting enough recruits to make one "rich" is very low.

Vulnerable people with limited capital were induced to part with their money with the promise of achieving financial freedom, earning unlimited income and getting the dream lifestyle after signing up with them, only if they work hard and dream big which again brings us to the hustle culture. I cannot not emphasize this enough, not all who hustle gets rich. Your hustle needs to be directed to the right path or else it'll go to waste. Also, how can you "be your own boss", as they claim, if you still wind up working for someone else with every sale you make? These people they're selling dreams to are students, single parents, the unemployed and the likes who might trade their full-time jobs, education or money for unsubstantiated income claims and I'm not sure I would want to be part of something like that. Now if you belong to the 1% success stories at the top, then good for you but that doesn't erase the fact that, that is at the expense of those at the bottom. 

2. Ridiculously High Prices

Certified pure, essential oils are expensive in general and I wanted to make sure I was getting my money's worth. MLM independent contractors heavily rely on commissions and incentives so it wouldn't be a surprise if a relatively big portion of the product's price is used to incentivize the members and keep the business model going. There are many suppliers and manufacturers who deliver similar high-quality organic essential oils at a lower cost and I am more than happy to support them instead.

3. Health-endangering Claims

I know some friends and close family members who joined popular MLM brands and I was horrified when I learned that they apply essential oils on their skin undiluted and even ingest them! These practices were advised and encouraged by the companies themselves. Health experts have already debunked these claims and warned that doing such leads to significant poisoning and adverse health effects and it bugs me why this is still happening. Pure essential oils are extremely potent and concentrated, it takes tons of plants to produce viable amounts of oils. I could go on with other questionable claims like essential oils curing cancer and other illnesses but I think I've already made my point.

I'm sure these companies make certain that they deliver the best quality possible considering how much they price their products but everything's too sketchy for me to sign up and go for them over local and other international brands that are not MLM. What are your thoughts about MLMs? Feel free to comment below!

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  • That’s why I commented in your instagram na sayang ngayon ko lang nakita, I want to use locally produced therapeutic grade essential oil hindi dahil mas mura its because we need to help also our own. Sana nga may mga online class din ang TESDA how to become a certified aromatherapist. Kasi ang daming pwedeng gawin with essentials oil aside from roller blends. We can make our own soya candles with EO, reed diffuser, DIY air refresher spray and even household cleaners. Sino ba naman ang ayaw kumita aside from your regular work pero hindi naman dapat parang nahold-up ka because we need to be a member to gain access with their product. Feel free to edit this comment.


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