How to Create Your Own Tranquil Meditation Corner

The start of a new year also signals a new chance to live life as mindfully and as intentionally as possible. After all, living life consciously is the essence of our very existence. May you find the clarity and the courage to become the highest expression of yourself, free from all the labels, identities, conditioning, anxious thoughts, routine and compulsion this 2021.

Dedicating a space for meditation, plays a helpful role in starting your mindfulness journey. Like any other parts of the house defined by the activities happening there, a meditation space is just as important in order to cultivate stillness. Such space invites relaxation, mental clarity, peace and intention. Imagine having your own sanctuary where you could just disconnect from the daily stresses of life and go deep into your inner world. Go ahead and transform that small corner or nook into a safe haven that is unique to you!

Here's a reference guide to help you create a tranquil meditation space: 

1. Peaceful colors

Think soft, neutral tones to surround yourself with. Bright colors might be too stimulating. Tan, white and gray are perfect shades. Tan is a great neutral and there's a warmness to it that reminds us of candlelight, which is incredibly relaxing, same is true with gray. In using white colors, stick to warmer and creamy versions. You can add touches of greens as well since this is the color we associate with nature and the outdoors. Fresh cut flowers, potted and hanging plants, or a living plant wall changes the atmosphere. Bring in nature by putting actual plants at your place or by placing your meditation space in an area where there is natural light. 

2. Declutter

Now if you want to clear your mind of unnecessary, anxious and negative thoughts, try clearing yourself of anything that is in excess as well, anything you don't need. When you are able to get rid of all the unimportant stuff, you are left with all of the things that are noble, of real value and worth pursuing. You lessen your stress and therefore your energy can be focused on the things that truly matter. Let go. 

3. Essential Oils

Smell is highly emotive since odors take a direct route to the lymbic system. The anxiolytic and relaxing properties of essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, frankincense, cedarwood and ginger set the mood for an intentional meditation session. Going natural and organic is highly recommended since you are breathing them into your system. Always opt for pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils over synthetic fragrance oils.

4. Soft Furnishing

Comfort is the main objective in preparing a space for meditation. Lay down soft mats, throw rugs, fluffy pillows, cushion or bean bags. Avoid sacrificing comfort over style as the room requires a relaxing spirit. 

5. Sounds of Nature

You could take advantage of the sounds of nature by selecting an area in the house that is free from television or gadget noise. This way, you could tune in to natural sounds. You may also compile a playlist of nature sounds to facilitate the grounding experience during your meditation sessions.

6. Personalize

Make the space unique to you. Bring in mementos or highlights from treasured collections to reflect your style and lifestyle with the warmth and the comforting effect of the familiar. Some tools you could add to your space are mala beads, crystals, sage or a singing bowl to clear the energy or space, as well as candles or a journal to write down what you reflect on. If you have a word or mantra you live by, you can also bring in art and imagery to reflect it. Have it printed out and frame it.


Start creating your own sanctuary now!

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