Develop Self-Respect with these 5 Powerful Practices

It has long been established by philosophies and spiritual teachings that your inner world reflects your outer world. Remember the saying: A cluttered room is a cluttered mind; a simple analogy but it holds more to it than what meets the eye. Whatever you feel on the inside dictates how life unfolds to you. Whatever conflict and blocked energy you have in your inner world manifest themselves in the physical world, including your body, relationships and circumstances. So make sure that positive thoughts, emotions and energy flow freely within you through these practices that when applied daily, create tremendous joy and peace in your life.


Show Up for Yourself

Notice when you start a project you've been wanting to do and not follow through, you find yourself with thoughts like, "Why continue, I'm only good in the beginning anyway" then proceed to abandoning it all at once. How about those times when you started an exercise routine, stopped for a while then ask yourself if you were just making a fool out of you, believing you'd get that healthy body after all those failed attempts in the past. When you do not show up for yourself, you learn to not trust yourself. This is one of the many ways you stop believing in you and your ability to do things. When you get the job done even if you didn't like doing it at the time, even if it's uncomfortable, creates a sense of empowerment and sets the momentum for accomplishing other tasks. Do not make excuses and show up for yourself consistently because you are worth it. A little hack is one long sniff from a bottle of either Motivate or Energize blend or pump the vibe up at your space by diffusing pure essential oils like Peppermint, Rosemary and Orange Sweet and adding a touch of spicy oils like Ginger and Cinnamon. Such intentional minute-long ritual is a sure fire way to turn your mood around. 

Take up Space


You don't think they'll like the photo so you don't post it. You think they may get annoyed with your posts, so you delete them. You don't think you are important and credible enough to say something so you keep your mouth shut. So often we reject ourselves even before others have the chance to reject us. Why? Because rejection sucks. So to protect ourselves, we always choose the safe route. This is what happens when our esteem is dependent on other people's validation. Love yourself enough that you post that selfie even if no one likes it, you start that podcast because you feel like doing it or you run that business and promote it because you have a unique vision for it and you believe in it. When you do not turn your volume down and act according to your highest, most genuine self, everybody notices you even without trying. You exude an energy so contagious people can't ignore you. You make influence and create impact. Believe that you are someone unique and is the only one capable to express that uniqueness that the world needs. You don't know how being just the way you are, inspires and moves somebody else.

Say What You Mean to Say

Keeping yourself from saying things that don't reflect what you really think blocks the creative flow of the universe in the body. Blocked energies lead to pains, frustration or internal suffering.This explains why often times when you are keeping something in, you experience pain in the body. The internal suffering and conflict manifest in the body and can be seen and felt by the people around you. Remember that there are ways to voice your thoughts and feelings in ways that are non-blaming and nonjudgmental so always express them and let them all out. Now whatever the outcome will be, positive or negative, won't matter as much. The purpose is to release the energy blocks and let everything flow smoothly.

Know What Your Heart Truly Desires Then Back it up with Action

"Many years ago, when I was in the United States for the first time, they took me to a restaurant called TGIF. I asked them what it stands for, and they said, “Thank God, It’s Friday.” They are living for the weekend. If you suffer the week and live for the weekend, that is a very measly life. How come you do not enjoy the week – only the weekend? Simply because a whole lot of people are doing things that do not mean a damn thing to them. They are only doing it because it is a way of earning a living." - Sadhguru

Let me tell you a secret. This is a fact not known by many and only a few reading this will understand and will choose to follow. The way to truly live is to listen to your being and put all your effort and actions to backing its desire up. To put it simply, everything that feels right at your core, you let it guide all your actions. Your job in this world is to follow what your heart says, not what you think you should do based on some rules established and conditioned to you by the society. When you align your heart, energy, soul and emotion in one direction, the universe manifests your idea and your future is already taken care of. Sounds cliche? Only the brave ones will know for sure. Those who have gone after what makes them happy have no regrets.

Maintain Boundaries

The level of self-respect you have and the boundaries you set are closely related. The more you respect yourself, the more well-defined boundaries you are able to set. A lot of people do not develop the ability to set healthy boundaries, feeling that doing this makes them look self-centered. The opposite is true though. You become considerate enough to let others know where they stand so they could become aware of how to best treat you and interact with you. Creating well-established boundaries is a skill that is difficult to learn. It requires going deep within to know who you are, what you want, what is important to you, your limits and how you would like to be treated. Start this self-love practice with the help of the Grounding blend. This roller blend allows direct skin application and therefore faster effect on your mood. To set the intention at your space, diffuse Bergamot or Frankincense essential oils. These oils greatly help in putting you in a meditative and spiritual state where you could go within, introspect and learn about your core being and eventually how to nurture it.

That's it! Hope this paves the way towards you stepping into the assertive, self-respecting, confident, worthy and authentic being that you are. Journey with your friends and family by sharing this blog!

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